SARIN Industries is the Authorised Dealer and Distributor of KM+ Bio Fuel Additives, manufactured by BioSurge, Malaysia. KM+ & KM+Flush protect the engine, improve engine performance, reduce maintenance cost, prolong engine life span and reduce harsh emissions as well as black smoke. KM+ was researched and formally launched almost a decade ago and is being sold in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Congo, Nepal, Pakistan and the UK. We are passionate about our Fuel Additive quality and are proud to be able to provide a solution that not only assists in energy saving but is also the answer to reducing engine emissions. Hence, reducing pollution.


KM+ (Fuel Enhancer For Fuel System)
KM+Flush (Fuel Enhancer For Engine Oil)
REVO NANO ( Engine treatment & Friction Reducer)
KM+ is supplied to various automobile companies, dealers, individuals, industrial end users across the region. One can be a leader in Sustainability and Green Initiatives, espousing this revolutionary product. KM+ is a wonder product and way to fight Climate Change, without any cost to the exchequer.


KM+ is 100% formulated from natural plants esters
It is Biodegradable, Non- toxic and Environment friendly
Have no Chemicals, Alcohols, Spirits and Solvents
A well-researched matured formula, time proven
It is non-flammable & leaves no ash or gum deposits behind when it is burnt with fuel
KM+ is a biodegradable Biofuel Additive and Fuel enhancer. KM+ Biofuel Additive mixed with liquid fuel instantly improves fuel quality. It is designed to address today’s competitive requirements for Engine performance, fuel saving, maintenance and protection of combustion engines, as well as fulfilling social responsibility of keeping a greener earth. KM+ is one of its kind and no other Fuel Additive, Fuel Enhancer or Fuel Booster can match its quality and performance. KM+ is the only viable Super BIO Fuel, SAFE for usage in any given Diesel / Petrol run system, without any adverse side effect. KM+ is a truly green fuel additive technology.


Any kind of vehicles – cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses and boats
Diesel and Petrol run systems
Combustion engines like Generators, Heavy Machines, Internal Combustion Engines and Diesel Fired Boilers.