SARIN GROUP is a family-owned business entity, which has been setting benchmarks for Quality and Innovation for over 35 years. Our long-term success is predicated to a value-oriented corporate culture with our core strengths of close collaboration with our patrons, the expertise of our employees and the continual support from our Principals.

M. Saifybhai M.S. Varawalla is the founder of the SARIN GROUP. The Patriarch of the family M. Saifybhai, started his career in a well-known perfumery, cosmetic and soap making industry at Mumbai. He did his post-graduation in Chemical Technology, specializing in Oils, Fats & Soaps, followed by a practical internship in a large chemical establishment in Tamil Nadu. After gaining ample experience, he joined an internationally reputed, family owned Indian company as, in charge of production. He moved on to a globally renowned MNC, as a senior Technical Executive, entrusted with production planning and material purchasing. For making an on-the-spot study of progress and developments overseas, in the field of oral care in particular, he undertook extensive worldwide travel to the former USSR, USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

In 1971, with Benign Blessings, and clear intent, M. Saifybhai set up family run partnership firm, specifically to market, sell and distribute various industrial products. Over a period, we handled sales of detergents, emulsifiers, polyols, wetting agents, adhesives, cosmetic raw materials, filaments and machinery, catering to the needs of customers in the India sub-continent. Also, for the first time in the country, a premium quality toothpaste plant was commissioned to make a product of international standard. Toothpaste manufacturer then was reserved for the small scale sector only. Our product was a Quality product, lauded by peers. With accolades pouring in from all quarters, visionary entrepreneurs approached us and similarly other such units were set up under his directable guidance.

Subsequently, internationally well-known American and European Corporations were represented by SARIN Industries. The businesses grew and SARIN Industries gained recognition as a reliable source of raw materials and machinery for the oral care manufacturers, in particular and the brush industry, in general. MNC and local brands started patronizing its offerings. SARIN Industries progressively gained respectability in the eyes of its valued customers pan India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. We also catered to customers in distant territories of USSR, Tanzania, Belarus and Iran.

The vertical growth of our business continues here on…

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