REVO™–The Revolutionary Engine Treatment & Friction Reducer

REVO is a 100% natural base Nano technology product, non-flammable, pH neutral and does not contain any chlorine, alcohol or Teflon and is environmentally safe. REVO is a highly concentrated Advanced Engine Treatment & Friction Reducer additive that works, with most synthetic, semi-synthetic & mineral engine oils. REVO’s formulation is designed using similar friction modifiers adapted from the Aeronautics and Space Technology to substantially reduce engine drag, friction and noise.


Petrol and Diesel Engines
C N G Engines
Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, Mineral Oils
Natural Aspirated and Turbo Engines


Friction is the most damaging force that opposes your vehicle’s motion. Since the invention of the internal combustion engine, engine friction has been a major concern for performance, drivability and fuel consumption of a vehicle. Engine friction is found in all new and old engines and it opposes your vehicle’s effort to deliver power. As your vehicle clocks more kilometers/miles, more oxide deposits and sludge will build up in your engine which increases engine friction and heat. The engine friction build-up process is gradual and most drivers will not immediately notice the deteriorating performance & sluggishness of their vehicle until they have the REVO.


Friction gradually makes your vehicle lose power and become sluggish
Friction makes your transmission work harder between gear changes
Friction decreases your engine efficiency and increases fuel consumption
Friction reduces your engine and transmission life
Friction builds up excessive heat which causes engine parts and oil seals to fail prematurely


100% formulated from natural esters
Non-toxic, environmental friendly and biodegradable
Proven to significantly increase engine lubricity
Increase fuel efficiency and reduce engine heat
Deliver better mileage for every tankful
REVO acts as a cleaning agent that removes unwanted deposit
Removes sludge and gunk to help maintain
Restore your engine performance and condition


Noticeably Smoother & Quieter engine
Increase Horsepower & Torque
Improve throttle response
Substantially reduce engine drag, friction and vibration
Better fuel consumption and prolong engine parts life
Cleans the entire diesel injection system
Prevents jet needles from fusing and gumming
Improves the combustion of bio-diesel and reduces fuel consumption
Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and age related deposits
Cleans engine, need less fuel and reduce emissions
For all diesel engines both with and without diesel particulate filters – as a preventative measure or to deal with problems