Kataline as a vision was seen with exemplary clarity in the year 1999. Years that have passed by have seen the company grow step by step in the dynamic arena of infrastructure while contributing in incomparable measure towards road safety. From just being a road marking contractor, the company has diversified into the production of road marking materials, equipments and also traffic signages. Kataline has earned a remarkable reputation in trustworthiness, all because of a strong customer focused approach and the continuous quest for world class quality which has enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in its chosen line of business and it continues to leave its foot prints through the nation and beyond.



At Kataline, road marking is not just a product but a complete science of road safety. Kataline specializes in all aspects of road marking craft viz. production of road marking materials, road marking equipments and execution of road marking contracts with state of the art technology.
Kataline is the foremost company having nationwide market presence. We have offices in all corners of the country and a commendable marking experience on highways and airports.

Kataline is an ISO 9001 certified group both for execution of road marking contracts and manufacturing of road marking materials.

With a production capacity of 40,000 MT of powdered thermoplastic and 5,000 Kiloliters of cold paint, Kataline is one of the largest manufacturer of quality road marking materials in the country. Kataline has many professional marking teams under its banner and a fleet of automatic and semi-automatic machines for carrying out extensive jobs of varied capacity.